Is Laughing Gas Safe?

Laughing gas is one of the most common types of sedation used by dentists all around the country. Thanks to it, more people have access to even the most basic oral care.

If you’ve been told you may need sedation for your next appointment, it’s perfectly normal to feel a bit anxious. Most likely, you’re wondering if laughing gas is truly safe for you.

Here’s the answer:

Laughing Gas Is Perfectly Safe (for Most People)

Laughing gas (nitrous oxide) is mostly considered safe when administered by a trained professional in a controlled environment, like at the dentist. It’s a mild sedative that’s even used to treat children.

You will inhale the gas through a special mask that covers your nose. As soon as it enters the system, you will start feeling more relaxed, though some patients can become slightly giggly, which is where the common name for the gas comes from.

When your procedure is done, you start inhaling oxygen and slowly push the gas from your system. There are no long-term effects like with other sedation options, and you’ll leave the practice perfectly alert. In fact, you can even drive yourself home.

This is the experience that most people have with laughing gas. But, of course, it’s not for everyone.

Does Laughing Gas Have Any Side Effects?

The side effects of laughing gas can be a bit uncomfortable, but they are usually minor and only last while the nitrous oxide is in the patient’s system. The gas isn’t known to cause any long-term side effects.

Some uncomfortable symptoms of laughing gas can include:

  • Feeling lightheaded and dizzy
  • Nausea
  • Agitation and vomiting (usually in children)

Who Shouldn’t Receive Laughing Gas?

Laughing gas is usually the sedation of choice for most patients. Dentists will recommend any type of sedation dentistry in West Bend only after carefully reviewing the patient’s medical file and taking into account their required dental work.

That being said, you’re not a good candidate for laughing gas if you have a known allergy to the substance or are dealing with a lung condition that limits their capacity.

Why Is Laughing Gas Needed?

Sedation like nitrous oxide is used to help patients have a better experience when getting dental work and to help them stay relaxed.

It can be useful for people with:

  • Severe dental anxiety
  • Disabilities that prevent them from lying still with their mouths open
  • Strong gag reflex
  • Extensive dental damage that requires complex and lengthy procedures.

It’s also recommended for small children who can’t sit with their mouths open or follow instructions.

Sedation Options at Oakbrook Dental

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