Dental Implants vs. Dental Crowns: Pros and Cons

Restorative dentistry is able to replace missing teeth, repair damaged ones and restore the appearance and function of your smile. When a patient is missing a tooth, or damages one of their existing teeth, a dental crown or a dental implant can be used to solve the problem.

What Is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is also called a dental cap, as it is placed over a damaged tooth to restore its appearance and function. Before a crown is placed, the existing tooth is prepared to create a solid base for the cap.

Dental crowns can be used for cosmetic reasons, particularly when the cap of the natural tooth is damaged, decayed or not aesthetically pleasing but the roots are still healthy. They can also be used to replace missing teeth either as part of a dental bridge or dental implant.


  • Dental crowns are typically more affordable than dental implants, and are sometimes covered by dental insurance.
  • The procedure for getting a crown is quicker than the multi-stage process of getting an implant.


  • They have to be replaced after some years (5-15), so an implant could be cheaper in the long term.
  • If not fitted or placed properly, decay could occur beneath the dental crown and cause a larger issue over time.

What Is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant replaces a missing tooth completely, from the roots to the surface. A titanium post is placed directly into the jaw bone, then an artificial crown is permanently attached so your new tooth looks and feels just like the real thing.


  • An implant will take over the function of a real tooth, including the stimulation of the jaw bone, keeping your mouth healthy and strong for the rest of your life.
  • Dental implants can last a lifetime with regular brushing, flossing, and dental appointments.
  • Implants require no special care and fit in seamlessly with your natural smile.


  • Getting a dental implant is an investment and can require a substantial budget or financing options.
  • Dental implants are a process that require oral surgery and time for your implant to heal and fuse to the jew bone.

Which One Is Best For You?

Even if a dental crown and dental implants can potentially address the same problem, they are also recommendable in very specific situations. The best way to determine which one is best for you is to be seen by a dentist.

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