Choosing the Best Dentist for You

Going to the dentist is essential to making sure your dental health, and that of your entire family, is properly taken care of. The dentist can spot any worrying signs early on, and address them before they cause more severe issues down the line.

But, it can be difficult to find the right dentist. Not only do a lot of people have anxiety regarding these types of visits, but you likely want to find someone who is professional and creates a comfortable environment every time you step into their practice.

To help you on your search for a new dentist, we've gathered 5 tips that can make this decision a bit easier:

1. Ask Friends or Family Members

The best way to refine your search is to start by asking the people you know. Call someone close to you and ask about their experience with their dentist.

Remember to focus on things like:

  • How they treat the patient
  • The quality of their work
  • How or if they work with children (if necessary)
  • General thoughts about the practice, such as cleanliness, or the staff
  • Any criticism your friend or family member may have about the dentist or the practice

Remember to go into as many details as you can, to get a good idea of the practice.

2. Think of Your Needs

There are many dental practices in West Bend, so be sure to consider your specific needs when looking for a new dentist!

Some might not offer the specific types of services you need, such as working with children. Pediatric dentistry is different from treating adults, and you’ll want to make sure you take your child to a dentist who can address their specific needs.

3. Insurance 

If you have dental insurance, then make sure your dentist accepts your plan. Dental services can have a high price tag, and it can be very frustrating to find out that your new dentist doesn’t accept your plan after you’ve already started seeing them.

4. Special Benefits

Dentist practices can offer special or membership plans that make going to the dentist a lot more convenient. When you’re choosing between a handful of experts with similar skill sets, it’s a good idea to see if any of their practices offer an additional perk for the patients.

5. Accessibility

A good dentist for you and your family is one you can have easy access to. If their offices are too far, or their working hours are not at all convenient, this can make going to appointments a lot more difficult.

Also check if the dentist offers emergency services or same-day appointments, for those moments where you can’t wait for a slot to open.

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