Can You Whiten Veneers?

If someone searches for “popular cosmetic dentistry procedure”, “ways to upgrade my smile fast”, and “long-term smile upgrade solutions” all in one Google search bar, chances are the results they get are all about veneers.

And veneers tick all these boxes. It’s one of the most common types of cosmetic procedures done to upgrade a person’s entire smile. And with the right to maintenance, people can enjoy their veneers for decades, even as long as 20 years.

However, if you have them or are thinking about getting veneers in West Bend, you may be wondering about how easily they can discolor or stain. And if this happens, can you whiten veneers just like natural teeth?

Find the answer in this short blog post!

How Veneers Work

Veneers are a type of dental prosthetic that go on top of your natural teeth. The dentist usually needs to shave the surface of your tooth enamel and create a rough texture to properly place the veneers, but new versions are so thin they can require minimal or no prep at all.

Most veneers are made of porcelain, which is a non-porous material. This means it will not absorb staining substances like coffee, tea, tomato juice, or artificial colors in food or drinks. There are also non-porcelain veneers available which can, unfortunately, stain if you’re not careful.

Why You Can’t Whiten Veneers

Porcelain or non-porcelain, the whitening solution will not have an effect on your veneers, so their color (or stains) will not be changed.

Additionally, you should not try to whiten your veneers at home. Even if the whitening agents won’t affect the veneers, they can affect your natural teeth which sit underneath, leading to different shades between them. This can create an uneven look of your smile.

Can You Remove Stains or Discoloration from Veneers?

In the case of stains, you may be able to remove them with a professional cleaning at the dentist’s office.

Dentists use special tools and cleaning solutions that offer much more in-depth cleaning than what you can achieve at home with your regular toothbrush and toothpaste, so they may be able to remove the stains.

But, if the stains won’t budge, or if your veneers are badly discolored, your only realistic option is to get a brand new set.

If you also want to opt for a whiter pair of veneers, you should discuss it with your dentist.

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