Can a Root Canal Be Done Through a Crown?

Root canals are an effective way to treat a large cavity or a badly infected tooth and prevent a permanent extraction.

But if you’re dealing with an infection and currently have a dental crown protecting that tooth, you might be wondering how a root canal is even performed.

Can your dentist do the root canal through the crown? Or will you need a new crown?

Check out this article to find out:

Isn’t a Dental Crown Supposed to Prevent a Tooth Infection?

Dental crowns are a type of prosthetic used to restore a badly damaged tooth. And yes, once they are placed, they can protect a natural tooth from developing cavities or even an infection.

But it’s not impossible to get an infected tooth even with a dental crown on. There are three common ways this happens:

  • Poor oral hygiene: Without daily brushing and flossing, over time bacteria can get under the crown and attack the natural tooth, which is already in a vulnerable state. The bacteria will start to break down tooth tissue, eventually making their way inside the tooth.
  • Poorly-placed or damaged crown: If the crown is cracked, chipped, or doesn’t effectively cover the tooth, it will be unable to protect it from future infections;
  • Untreated infection or cavity: If you got a crown because of a large infection or cavity if the initial treatment failed, you could be experiencing a relapse. The decayed or infected tissue continued to grow until you started to re-experience the symptoms of the infection.

How Is a Root Canal Done When a Dental Crown Is in Place?

A West Bend root canal procedure involves cleaning a tooth from all its infected tissue and then disinfecting it to kill all bacteria.

The dentist may try to perform a root canal without removing the dental crown. They will drill the crown to reveal the infected tissue and begin the procedure.

Unfortunately, there are limitations to this approach. The dental crown could chip during drilling, or the dentist might not be able to see the full extent of the infection without removing the dental crown.

In these cases, you will need to get a replacement. Your dentist will take a new impression of your mouth and send it to a lab. In the meantime, you’ll get a temporary crown placed on your tooth to protect it until the new one is ready.

Dealing with a Tooth Infection? Oakbrook Dental Can Help

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